AWWA Survey Results of CII Programs for Across the Nation


  • Lisa R. Krentz - Hazen and Sawyer

This presentation will describe the results and key findings of a survey of water utilities with active CII (Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional) water conservation / water efficiency programs. These include the common practices, program designs, data collection and analytical methodologies employed by water utilities for CII programs.

The survey was undertaken by the AWWA Water Efficiency Programs and Technology Committee (WEPTC) and funded by the AWWA’s Technical and Educational Council. It was conducted during July 27, 2015 to September 2, 2015, using an online survey questionnaire at the SurveyMonkey® website. A total of 383 valid responses were identified including responses from 350 utilities in the United States and 33 utilities in Canada.

The survey results lend support to several conclusions and observations about the availability, design and implementation of CII water efficiency programs. The survey results are intended to serve as a basis for developing recommendations for water utilities on how to proceed in developing or enhancing their CII efficiency programs as well as inform the AWWA and other water organizations on the need to conduct further research and developing appropriate guidance materials to support utility efforts.

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