Application of Envision for Enhanced Evaluation of Alternatives in Wastewater Capital Improvements


  • Evan C. Bowles, Norman Bradley, Enrique Vadiveloo - Hazen and Sawyer
  • Evelio Agustin - CH2M
  • James G. Mueller - NYCDEP
  • James B. Ferguson - Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

During project planning, an alternatives analysis is a rudimentary exercise typically executed as part of a team’s evaluative efforts. During this analysis, the team may evaluate any number of drivers not associated with the direct cost of a project. These types of drivers are often leveraged to balance, or even usurp the outcome of a monetary analyses. One of the main challenges with this type of evaluative approach is the potential subjectivity in which these drivers are identified, weighted, and applied to the analysis.

Envision provides a highly applicable framework for project teams that desire to implement a full spectrum approach to utility planning. Although the rating system can be utilized to nationally recognize a project with an award, it is also well suited to provide a project team with a guide for project decision making during planning phases.

This presentation will describe how Envision can be holistically utilized for alternatives analysis during master and facilities planning phases, with two case studies provided. The first case study will describe how a project team used Envision to evaluate the continued operation of an aging, underutilized wastewater treatment plant whose resiliency is susceptible to extreme weather events. The second case study will describe how a project team used Envision to validate and expand upon decision drivers used for a wastewater utility’s master planning to address long-term resiliency challenges. The presentation will review the approach and quantitative outcomes of each case study, sharing a methodology that could be readily applied to other disciplines.

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