Activated Sludge and BNR Process Control - Hands-On In the Real World


  • Sarah Dailey - Hazen and Sawyer

This workshop will be held at the John Egan Water Reclamation Plant in Schaumburg, IL. The hands-on demonstrations will be presented by leading practitioners in their areas of expertise. The workshop will demonstrate process control tests, measurement techniques, and troubleshooting methods for operators, engineers, and supervisory personnel. Testing will focus on the BNR activated sludge system and will include (but is not limited to) BNR techniques such as:

•Using Alkalinity and ORP measurements to monitor nitrification
•Measuring nutrients to monitor the BNR process
•Examining the microbiology to determine the sludge age of the system
•Monitoring off-gases to determine aeration and process efficiency

Buses will transport workshop attendees to the host treatment plant where the attendees will receive a brief program introduction and a walking map of the demonstration sites. There will be 6 workstations where small groups of attendees will observe techniques and participate in demonstrations. At lunch time, a box lunch and tour of the plant will be provided enabling the attendees an understanding of how the processes and techniques learned fit into the treatment facility. At the conclusion of the day buses will return attendees to the convention center.

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