Wet Weather Planning for Clarksville, Tennessee

Study to Include the Combined Sewer System and Wastewater Treatment Plant

(NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – February, 16, 2010) – Hazen and Sawyer was awarded a contract to develop short- and long-term solutions for Clarksville’s combined sewer system and Wastewater Treatment Plant. Clarksville’s sewer collection system serves more than 46,000 customers in and around Montgomery County. The combined sewer system is located in the oldest section of downtown Clarksville in an 800-acre area. The WWTP has an average dry weather flow of approximately 12 mgd, and monthly average design capacity of 25 mgd.

Clarksville is one of only three systems in the state of Tennessee that utilizes combined sewers. For the flows unable to reach the WWTP during major storm events, the City currently utilizes two vortex separator treatment facilities to provide some treatment to the combined sewer overflows (CSOs) prior to their discharge to the Cumberland River.

The study will focus on identifying true dry and wet weather treatment capacities at the WWTP and will utilize BioWin™ and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to evaluate alternatives for future cost-effective operational optimization and potential increased or decreased flows to the plant. The study will also provide an assessment of the current operation of the combined sewer system, identify existing system issues and evaluate various short- and long-term combined sewer collection system improvements.

Hazen and Sawyer will calibrate and utilize an InfoWorks hydraulic sewer model to evaluate collection system alternatives. The results of the WWTP and collection system evaluations will be integrated to develop a phased implementation plan for jointly improving both the combined sewer system and the WWTP.

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