WEF Envision v1.0 Guidance Manual Now Available

The manual is available for download here.

Hazen and Sawyer acted as the design consultant on the first joint wastewater and park infrastructure Envision-verified project in North America, Nashville's West Park Equilization Facility.

Envision also provides opportunities for improved technical performance in parallel with social, environmental and economic improvements. The projects presented in this work demonstrate how the system can be used to recognize achievement in sustainable design and to provide a more holistic approach to analyzing project alternatives at varying phases of project development and design.

(NEW YORK, NY – December 21, 2016) – The Water Environment Federation (WEF) recently published a guidance manual for the application of the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System in the planning and design of wastewater collection, water reclamation, stormwater, and biosolids facilities.

Many utilities have embraced the use of Envision as a holistic triple bottom line tool for the planning and design of their facilities, which provides transparency to their decision-making process and documents how non-economic elements were evaluated to supplement cost-based evaluations. This guidance manual serves to provide concepts and methods that utilities can consider in their Envision-based approach to sustainable planning and design.

Evan Bowles, Hazen’s Sustainable Design Services Leader, co-led the authoring and completion of this guidance document, and Aditya Ramamurthy served as a content contributor for Utility Management perspectives.

The manual is available for download here.

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