UV Technologies in Sixth Edition of AWWA Water Quality and Technology

Water Quality & Treatment: A Handbook on Drinking Water has been the essential reference for municipal water supply professionals for decades.

(NEW YORK, NY – December 10, 2010) – The addition of a chapter dedicated to ultraviolet light technologies in the Sixth Edition of AWWA’s Water Quality and Technology speaks to the rapid rise in interest in this water treatment technology in the 10 years since the publication of AWWA’s 5th edition. In this new chapter, Erik Rosenfeldt, Ph.D., a Senior Principal Engineer at Hazen and Sawyer, discusses the theory, applications, and potential of this powerful technology, which is capable of being utilized for treating both microbial and chemical contaminants in water.

Dr. Rosenfeldt’s major contributions to the text draw directly from his research of the past 10 years focusing on the use of UV technologies for treatment of chemical contaminants, particularly the processes of UV Photolysis and UV Advanced Oxidation. The chapter presents an explanation of fundamental ideas key to understanding of all UV-based photochemical processes, complete with sample problems to enhance understanding of the ideas. The chapter then builds on these fundamentals to explain how UV processes are utilized to degrade emerging contaminants of concern, including endocrine disrupting compounds, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, and algae-derived taste and odor causing contaminants. Case studies highlight a few of the most advanced UV-based chemical treatment processes currently utilized in the water treatment industry.

Learn more about the Sixth Edition of AWWA’s Water Quality and Technology or purchase the book from AWWA’s online bookstore.

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