Two Hazen Articles in the Latest Issue of NYWEA ClearWaters

Ms. Mann's article can be accessed in full on the NYWEA website.

(NEW YORK, NY – March 6, 2017) – Hazen and Sawyer engineers recently authored two articles published in the Winter 2016 edition of NYWEA’s ClearWaters magazine.

“The Hunt for the Ideal Indicator Organism”, written by Melanie Mann, reviews current and proposed groups of fecal indicator organisms used to monitor water resource recovery facility effluents and ambient recreational waters in the U.S. The article also details the characteristics of ideal indicator organisms as compared to bacterial indicator organisms currently in use and bacteriophages which are being considered by EPA for future use.

Ms. Mann’s article is available in full on the NYWEA website.

Hazen’s Dr. Thomas Worley-Morse coauthored an article with Dr. Sam Jeyanayagam (CH2M) on the EPA’s proposed bacteriophage criteria for recreational waters. This article provides an introduction to bacteriophages, reviews the role of bacteriophages as indicators of fecal contamination, discusses the EPA’s recreational water quality criteria, highlights the treatability of bacteriophages with disinfection methods, and discusses the expected impacts of bacteriophage recreational water quality criteria on wastewater facilities. For more information, please contact the author at

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