Results of Bio-Electric Wastewater Pilot Test at PennTec Conference

(STATE COLLEGE, PA – February 19, 2013) – Hazen and Sawyer will present the findings of a wastewater treatment pilot test of ElectroCell’s Bio-Electric technology system on June 4th, 2013 at the annual PennTec Conference.

Electrocell technology was piloted at the North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant near Dayton, OH to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the treatment unit for pathogen reduction on anaerobically digested biosolids. Results from the pilot indicated that there was a rapid reduction of Fecal Coliforms levels during the treatment period; however, since Helminth Ova and Enteric Viruses were already below the detection limit, it was not possible to confirm reduction of these pathogens in the current work. Interestingly, results also suggested that precipitation of soluble phosphorus coincided with treatment.

Future work is planned to investigate whether ElectroCell technology can be certified as a process to further reduce pathogen content of biosolids and to confirm the primary mechanism behind the observed phosphorus removal. A report on the pilot project can be found at this link.

PennTec 2013 will be held June 2-5 at the Lancaster County Convention Center/Marriott Lancaster Penn Square in Lancaster PA. PennTec is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association, whose mission is to “enhance the knowledge and abilities of Pennsylvania’s wastewater professionals, promote sound water policies, and promote public awareness of the need to protect water quality.” For more information, visit

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