New Filter Surveillance Video Now Available

(STATE COLLEGE, PA – June 4, 2014) – The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recently published a video entitled Filter Surveillance Techniques for Water Utilities.

Filtration is a crucial and final physical barrier to microbial pathogens in drinking water. Optimization of filter performance, including backwash practices, is important for overall drinking water production efficiency and cost effective utility operations. To continuously and reliably produce safe, clean water, filters must perform flawlessly. This video provides step by step guidance for the procedures and tests needed to determine the filter condition and suggests a variety of corrective measures for filter problems.

Jim DeWolfe, Water Treatment Operations Leader for Hazen and Sawyer, participated in the planning, production, and editing of the video. The video was sponsored by the Coagulation and Filtration Committee of AWWA, of which DeWolfe is the Chair. A sample clip can be viewed at the AWWA website.

For more information on the video or services related to filter surveillance or water treatment plant optimization, please contact Jim DeWolfe at

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