Loxahatchee River District Retains Hazen and Sawyer

Hazen and Sawyer completed the WWTP Expansion Project in June 2007.

Aeration Basin Diffuser Installation

Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District Boundary

(HOLLYWOOD, FL – September 16, 2010) – The Loxahatchee River District has retained Hazen and Sawyer to provide professional engineering services related to the design, permitting, construction, and operational consultation for their wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

Hazen and Sawyer has served as the Loxahatchee River District’s (District) general consultant since 1980, leading and providing support to critical planning, important regulatory activities, and many key projects. Among the most notable work for which the District has tapped Hazen and Sawyer is the implementation of the largest reuse system in South Florida in the 1980s and recently-completed injection well system upgrades, which required obtaining a permit for the first dual-purpose injection well in the State for nanofiltration concentrate and reclaimed water.

Under this latest contract, Hazen and Sawyer will perform engineering services from design through construction for a variety of assignments. Services may include preparing preliminary design reports; providing cost analyses; preparing and responding to facility permit renewals; executing detailed engineering designs for treatment and disposal facilities; providing construction administration and resident inspection services; assisting with the development of an asset management program for plant facilities; evaluating structures, equipment, and systems; and providing general operational assistance and consultation.

The District is the Regional Wastewater Utility providing service to several cities and unincorporated areas within Palm Beach and Martin Counties. The District operates an 11.0-mgd secondary wastewater treatment facility (which services over 85% of homes within the District’s service area), a 12-mgd permitted reuse water distribution system, a 18.65-mgd (peak hour) deep injection well, and sludge dewatering facilities.

Since our founding in 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two things: providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. Our range of services encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of water and wastewater-related projects – from clean water treatment, storage, and distribution to wastewater and stormwater collection, treatment, and reuse.

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