International Water Association’s Water Reuse Conference Presentations

(NOVEMBER 4, 2013 – RALEIGH, NC) – Hazen and Sawyer’s Director of Applied Research and Corporate Recycled Water Practice Leader, Dr. Ben Stanford, recently presented two papers at the International Water Association’s Water Reuse Conference in Windhoek, Namibia on October 28 and 29, 2013.

Windhoek is the site of the longest operating direct potable reuse system in the world and provides an excellent demonstration of how potable reuse can be a safe, sustainable part of any water supply portfolio. The two papers presented were focused on direct potable reuse applications and the costs of technologies associated with direct potable reuse.

The two presentations were titled Evaluating the Cost of Trace Organic Contaminant Removal in Water Reclamation and Piloting Alternative Technologies for Indirect Potable Reuse in Florida.

Dr. Stanford was also the chair of a session on non-potable reuse applications worldwide. For more information on either of the papers referenced above, please contact Dr. Stanford at

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