Innovative Venice Island CSO Facility Now Operational

The site design of the Venice Island facility includes numerous best management practices to manage stormwater runoff, including rain gardens, green roofs, rain harvesting tank, pervious pavement, and selective native and self-sustaining vegetation.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the facility was held on October 7th.

(PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 7, 2014) – The 3.75-mgd combined sewer overflow (CSO) detention facility on Philadelphia’s Venice Island has been completed and is now operational.

The facility will eliminate adverse impacts on water quality that result from CSO discharges to the Schuylkill River, a source of drinking water for the City of Philadelphia. In addition to the CSO facility, the 4-plus-acre site redevelopment includes a centerpiece 250-seat, state-of-the-art performing arts center for the City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation.

Hazen and Sawyer designed an innovative, LEED silver-eligible structure to house the equipment associated with the CSO detention facilities, comprised primarily of a concrete basin that receives flows by gravity when the adjacent interceptor becomes surcharged during storm events. The CSO detention basin was constructed underground, with public parking and facilities redesigned and restored atop the basin.

The Head House that sits atop the basin is a LEED silver-eligible building with numerous energy-saving and sustainable design measures. Hazen and Sawyer’s design includes a “living” roof system with drought-resistant sedum plantings; rain gardens throughout the site to manage storm water run-off; a glass stair tower to allow light to enter all sides of the building and reduce the need for interior lighting; photo and occupancy sensors for energy efficiency; shade and reflection devices for sun control, to reduce the need for air conditioning; and water-conserving plumbing fixtures.

Since our founding in 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two things: providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. Our range of services encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of water and wastewater-related projects – from clean water treatment, storage, and distribution to wastewater and stormwater collection, treatment, and reuse.

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