Identifying and Addressing Raw Water Ammonia Webinar

The webinar will cover common (and uncommon) ammonia treatment options, including biological treatment.

(LOS ANGELES, CA – January 20, 2014) – Nicole Blute of Hazen and Sawyer will be one of three presenters at an upcoming AWWA webinar titled Identifying and Addressing Raw Water Ammonia.

Raw water ammonia is of growing concern in the drinking water community, not as a primary contaminant, but for its impacts on disinfection efficacy and other treatment objectives. Many water utilities, particularly small utilities, may be unknowingly experiencing raw water ammonia and the associated problems. This webinar will continue to reach water utilities likely affected and provide key information developed by the Inorganic Contaminants / Inorganic Contaminants Research Committees. Webinar participants will gain an understanding of the known occurrence of ammonia, methods for monitoring in their own system, approaches for addressing associated problems, and case studies of successful utility solutions.

This webinar offers utilities information for knowing how to determine if their systems are affected by raw water ammonia and presents available solutions for addressing problems that may arise from ammonia. The first part of the presentation reviews ammonia occurrence in groundwaters and surface waters, illustrates inadvertent distribution system water quality effects, and provides an introduction to analytical methods for measuring ammonia. The second presentation will discuss ways that a utility could beneficially use raw water ammonia or remove it. The third presentation provides case studies of utilities implementing strategies to effectively remove raw water ammonia. The webinar refers to the three-article series in Opflow (April–June 2012), with a special focus on small systems.

The webinar will be February 5th at 11am Eastern. For more information or to register, click here.

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