Dan Miklos, ATS Founder and President, Joins Hazen and Sawyer

Ten ATS Specialists Bolster Capabilities of Firm

(CINCINNATI, OH – May 25, 2010) – Dan Miklos, founder of water and wastewater engineering firm Advanced Treatment Sciences, Inc. (ATS), joined Hazen and Sawyer this past March, along with ten of his key staff. The decision to join Hazen and Sawyer follows successful teaming between the two firms on many projects over the last several years, including expansion of the LeSourdsville Water Reclamation Facility for Butler County, Ohio.

Miklos and his staff are known for developing award-winning facility designs that focus on low energy consumption and solids minimization, emphasizing operator-friendly automation with real-time monitoring and automated peak flow configurations. Miklos’ experience also includes a national demonstration project for the design and installation of an innovative SCADA system.

“Dan Miklos’ expertise will be a tremendous asset to Hazen and Sawyer’s clients in the Midwest and around the country,” said Vice President Gary Haubner, Regional Manager for Hazen and Sawyer’s Midwest Operations. “The addition of Dan and his colleagues from ATS represents a significant expansion of our capabilities and depth.”

Specifically joining Miklos in the transition are Jeff Randell, head of Automated Technical Services, Inc., ATS’ Information and Control division; Ed Brown, head of ATS Engineering Inc., ATS’ Process and Civil Engineering division; and Scott Ankrom, who provides project management, client services oversight and regulatory affairs expertise. They, along with other key staff, hold decades of expertise in wastewater plant operations and SCADA, as well as the engineering and design of plant upgrades, for both municipal and industrial clients. The ATS specialists bring with them to Hazen and Sawyer a significant workload and long-standing client relationships throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

The ATS specialists joining Hazen and Sawyer also have directly trained hundreds of treatment plant operators. Leveraging this operations expertise along with the ATS specialists’ utility management, regulatory compliance, and funding assistance experience, Hazen and Sawyer will launch a new Operations Consulting Group to assist operators in maximizing the performance of existing and new facilities while implementing new technologies and innovative process control.

Since our founding in 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two things: providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. Our range of services encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of water and wastewater-related projects – from clean water treatment, storage, and distribution to wastewater and stormwater collection, treatment, and reuse.

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