CA-NV AWWA Partnership to Offer Seminars on Hexavalent Chromium

A research program led by the City of Glendale, in partnership with many other agencies and organizations, has identified a handful of effective treatment technology options for removing Cr(VI) in drinking water, including reduction/coagulation/filtration (RCF), weak base anion exchange (WBA), strong base anion exchange (SBA), and reverse osmosis (RO).

(LOS ANGELES, CA – January 8, 2014) — The California-Nevada section of the American Water Works Association (CA-NV AWWA), Hazen and Sawyer, and the City of Glendale, Calif. have partnered to offer a free webinar and in-person seminars on treatment technologies for hexavalent chromium.

The webinar and seminars are being organized in anticipation of California’s pending drinking water standard for hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium VI or Cr(VI). Results of nearly a decade of research by the City of Glendale on technologies for Cr(VI) removal from drinking water will be discussed in the sessions.

“This is an incredible opportunity for water system managers, engineers and operators to learn about the upcoming Cr(VI) regulation, examine real-world solutions and ask questions at no cost to their utility,” said Tim Worley, executive director, CA-NV AWWA.

The following experts will take part in the webinar and seminars: Nicole Blute, senior associate with Hazen and Sawyer and principal investigator for the City of Glendale’s research program on chromium treatment; Lynn Grijalva, engineer and vice president of Hazen and Sawyer; Ramon Z. Abueg, chief assistant general manager of Water and Power; and Timothy Worley, PhD, executive director of the CA-NV AWWA.

For more information or to register for a session, click here.

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