Bay Park Perimeter Flood Protection Project Named ASCE Project of the Year

Architectural design enhancements were incorporated to benefit the community, including an architectural finish on the concrete flood wall and access gates fronted by decorative metal screen lattices to improve aesthetics.

A vulnerability assessment of the facility was performed using the 500-year flood elevation and projected 50-year sea level rise, leading to the unprecedented combination of a full perimeter barrier system and elevated non-submersible equipment. New electrical unit substations were constructed above the projected flood elevation as an added resiliency measure.

As part of the perimeter flood protection design, our team provided improvements to the surrounding park facilities with a focus on public use, green infrastructure, and alternative drainage systems. Improvements eliminated standing water in the community areas under normal storm and tidal conditions, which had previously been an issue. Park improvements have been well received by the community.

The berm and flood wall perimeter protection system is the plant’s primary line of defense. The perimeter system will protect the facility from the projected 500-year storm surge and provides two points of access to the facility.

(NEW YORK, NY – May 12, 2017) – The Bay Park Perimeter Flood Wall and Berm was recently named ASCE Long Island Branch Project of the Year.

The flood protection barrier is part of a larger resiliency program that consists of a comprehensive upgrade to critical elements of the facility pertaining to flow conveyance, whereby equipment is either submersible or raised above the projected 500-year flood elevation. All secondary treatment facilities will be flood hardened, as determined by constructability and operability constraints.

The perimeter flood protection barrier was designed primarily as a vegetated berm for visual appeal, low cost and ease of constructability. In lieu of a berm in areas with property limitations, a concrete flood wall was installed. The wall incorporates features such as architectural finishes and decorative metal screen lattice gates, improving aesthetics for the surrounding community.

As part of the perimeter barrier project, improvements were made to the surrounding park facilities. The improvements included new synthetic turf athletic fields with subsurface drainage systems, sport courts, dog park, LED sports field lighting, playground area, comfort building, parking, roadway circulation, pedestrian pathways and plaza areas, green infrastructure including rain gardens, gravel subsurface drainage detention, tidal check valves, and shoreline plantings. Storm water drainage optimizes on-site detention storage and recharge capabilities, thereby improving on-site collection and drainage conditions that mitigate chronic high tide surge conditions. Design improvements raised the area footprint by approximately 3-4 feet to eliminate standing water under normal storm and tidal conditions.

The flood wall and berm are part of the Bay Park STP Hurricane Sandy Recovery Program, a partnership between Hazen and Sawyer and ARCADIS.

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