AWWA Webinar: Integrating NASA Datasets into Utility Water Resources Planning and Management

The tool will give water utilities user-friendly access to NASA’s satellite remote sensing data, filtered for the watershed of interest, and presented for utility staff to analyze and summarize for use by decision-makers.

(BALTIMORE, MD – May 12, 2017) – On May 24, Hazen and Sawyer will be participating in an AWWA-sponsored webinar, “Integrating NASA Datasets into Utility Water Resources Planning and Management”.

This webinar will provide an overview of NASA’s remote sensing data sets and products and describe how the data sets can be used to support utility monitoring, modeling, and management efforts.

Dr. Josh Weiss of Hazen will discuss the development of a decision support system for water utilities to predict source water quality events based on satellite remote sensing observations of a watershed and hydrologic/climate data sets. When completed, the system will give utilities another tool for their source water monitoring toolbox that can help fill spatial and temporal gaps, trigger proactive management responses, and improve the utility’s understanding of watershed sources of source water quality impairments.

Also presenting will be Dr. Christine Lee from NASA’s Applied Sciences Water Resources Program and Dr. Amita Mehta from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The webinar is $75 for AWWA members. To register, or for more information, please visit the AWWA website.

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