2016 ACE Presentations

Read or print the full agenda of Hazen and Sawyer's ACE 2016 presentations.

(NEW YORK, NY – June 1, 2016) – Hazen and Sawyer staff will conduct 27 presentations and present five posters at the 2016 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE).

ACE16 offers a one-stop opportunity for utilities to receive targeted training, experience the latest available technology, and consult with peers from across the globe. This year’s conference will be held June 19-22, in Chicago, IL.

Hazen and Sawyer presentations will include:

Algae and Algal Toxins – Impacts on Treatment and Control Strategies

Hazen-Adams CyanoTOX Model and Applications

Reuse Operator Training – Bridging the Gap of Specialized Needs

Integrated Master Planning – Resiliency, Reliability and Robustness by Design

Stormwater Management Modeling and Resiliency Adaptation to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Comparing the Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Potable Reuse with Other Supply Options

NDMA, Chlorate, and the 6 Year Review – Managing Risks in Light of Potential Changes to Stage 2 DBP

Identifying and Adapting to Water Demand Uncertainties

City Of Baltimore Meets the Challenge Constructing Large Covered Storage Reservoirs

Hydraulic Model – The Nexus of White Plains’ Future Water System Improvements

Using Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall Data to Assess Impacts of Weather on Water Demand

Portable PAC Feed System to the Rescue!

Exploring Regional Water System Interconnections

The Use of Catalytic GAC for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide in Groundwater

Changes in DBP Speciation with GAC Treatment

What Does Carbon Really Cost? Case Studies for Implementing GAC at Existing WTPs

Tasting the Difference – Public Outreach for the Town of Newmarket’s New Source

Water Supply Solutions for Small Systems – Assessing the World of Options

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