2013 NC AWWA-WEA Conference Presentations

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(RALEIGH, NC – October 18, 2013) – Hazen and Sawyer engineers and scientists will present 11 sessions at the 2013 NC AWWA-WEA Conference to be held November 10-13, 2013 in Concord, NC.

Hazen and Sawyer presentations include:

Evaluating the Impact of Cold Weather Events on Biological Nutrient Removal in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Sustainable Supplemental Carbon Sources

The Bromide Problem in Fayetteville

Bromide – An Unsuspected Culprit – Assessing Impacts on Stage 2 DBPR Compliance

Implementing Renewable Energy at Water Utilities

Sometimes Average is not Good Enough – Understanding the Impact of Variability on Energy Recovery from Digester Gas

Retrofitting Existing WTPs with UV Disinfection for Microbial and DBP Rules Compliance

Improving Storage Tank Water Quality – How Much Does It Really Help?

With and Without – Case Studies Using Air Valves to Mitigate Transients

Taking Care of Business – Applying a Business Model to WWTP Operations

Uni-Directional Flushing in Reidsville, NC – A Team Effort

Evaluation of Wastewater System and Nutrient Trading for Falls Lake Nutrient Strategy Development

Reducing Effluent Total Nitrogen to 2.0 mg/L Using Conventional Nutrient Removal Strategies

Since our founding in 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two things: providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. Our range of services encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of water and wastewater-related projects – from clean water treatment, storage, and distribution to wastewater and stormwater collection, treatment, and reuse.

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