Maggie, Assistant Engineer

Something I really enjoy about working at Hazen and Sawyer is the ability to be involved with the client from the very beginning. It has been a wonderful learning experience.”

My Role at Hazen and Sawyer

I am an assistant engineer with Hazen and Sawyer, working primarily on water projects including three water treatment plant DBP studies and several treatment plant expansion cost estimates. I am also active in several industry organizations including NC AWWA-WEA and Water For People.

Why I Chose Hazen and Sawyer

In 2007, I was selected for an internship at Hazen and Sawyer. I clicked with the people I met from the firm. During two summer internships, I performed sampling at wastewater treatment plants, did some office work, and spent a lot of time out in the field. It was the best learning experience anyone could ever ask for.

When you start at Hazen and Sawyer, you are not pigeonholed. You have the opportunity to see a lot of the different work we do and find your niche.

A Contribution I’m Proud Of

For the past three years, I have been working on a project prompted by a new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation governing the disinfectant and disinfection by-product rules. In 2010, I helped launch an initial study of all the different options available to meet this new rule. I have since worked with our client to select a suitable option for their treatment plants, and have been active in every aspect of the project, including hydraulic modeling, chemical systems and pump station design, and working with a coordinating with multiple engineers in other disciplines, such as in our electrical and structural departments.