Larry, Principal Engineer

Working within this company, I hear the more experienced staff reference the "Hazen way," and it's taken me a few years to understand what that really means. It's a "we" attitude: we get the work done, we do it right, and we maintain the best standards in the industry.”

My Role at Hazen and Sawyer

I am a Principal Engineer working on a multitude of conveyance projects. My projects have included SSES studies, condition assessment, rehabilitation design, permit application, and construction management. I am currently managing construction for two different conveyance projects, one of which I have been involved with since the study phase.

Why I Chose Hazen and Sawyer

Hazen has been a great company to work for not just because of its impressive reputation in the water and wastewater industry, but also because of its commitment to happy clients. It offers many opportunities to young engineers and a flexible environment not found at other firms.

A Contribution I’m Proud Of

I am most proud to have been heavily involved in a vast sewer design project, spanning my tenure with Hazen. In the past six years I have offered my skills from study, to design, to construction, moving from assistant engineer to one of the project managers.