Arthur, Assistant Engineer

My time thus far has been quite delightful - a great learning experience.”

My Role at Hazen and Sawyer

I am an assistant engineer at Hazen. This includes assisting principal engineers on a variety of projects, from water modeling, to sewer rehabilitation, to water quality analysis.

Why I Chose Hazen and Sawyer

I chose Hazen because I am eager to employ the lessons my degree and work experience have imparted and contribute to the engineering field. I believe working at Hazen and Sawyer, an expert in the water industry, will give me the opportunity to mature into a professional engineer and enhance my aptitude to engage and contribute to real world problems.

A Contribution I’m Proud Of

I find joy in the work I have been doing on the Baltimore County sewer rehabilitation project. It’s rewarding to know that I am a part of a team that directly influences the surrounding community and environment for the better.