Field Engineer

Location: New York, NY Office - Corporate Headquarters

Seeking a candidate with 5-10 years of engineering field experience, preference for oversight of work in the public right of way. Minimum education requirements are a BS in Civil/Environmental Engineering, PE preferred.

Responsibilities include:
• Overseeing overall subsurface investigation program, including ensuring safety protocol by all drilling inspectors is established and maintained;
• Setting up emergency action protocols;
• Accompanying a driller’s representative when performing ground penetrating radar prior to drilling operations, reviewing utility markouts and available utility data to confirm drilling operations would not have expected impacts on existing utilities;
• Subsurface investigation oversight, including characterization of soil samples and oversight of permeability tests;
• Inspection of piping installation (water, sewer) within the public right of way for conformance with contract documents;
• Communication with office engineers to relay any issues that arise in the field; and
• Documentation of daily work progress, incidents, quantities installed, potentially using electronic media.

Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must.

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