Students and Recent Graduates

No matter your experience level or discipline area, you will have the chance to make an immediate difference on projects around the country.

Hands on learning opportunities empower our new employees and provide invaluable experience.

Senior staff offer our younger employees training and guidance in the field and at work sites, such as this facilities tour in Durham (NC).

We offer multiple outreach opportunities to interact with the next generation of environmental engineers.

Our continued participation in the ACE high school mentoring program gives our staff the opportunity to inspire and educate future engineers.

Our employees not only make an impact on their community through our work, but also through various local clean up and charity endeavors.

One of our young engineers conducts on-site odor sampling, providing a basis for odor control dispersion modeling and design.

Our project teams typically include technical staff with a wide variety of expertise – fertile ground for rewarding idea-sharing. Less experienced staff tend to contribute to a number of projects, giving them the opportunity to learn, gather technical expertise, and experience a variety of challenges. More experienced staff tend to bear greater responsibility for fewer projects, displaying project leadership and deepening their level of expertise.

Our talented and diverse staff includes a wide spectrum of engineering and scientific disciplines, along with experts in the business-related aspects of utility management. You may also be interested in working in other areas of our firm, such as Design/Drafting, Marketing, Graphics, Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources, and other administrative roles.

We’re proud of our success and the organization we’ve built since our founders, Richard Hazen and Alfred Sawyer, started the firm in 1951. Want to join us? Visit Current Openings to search jobs and submit your resume. If you are a college student or recent graduate, please submit your resume below.

Résumé Submission for College Students and Recent Graduates

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