Professional Development

Protecting public health and the environment demands a commitment to continuous learning.

Our Pathway Program for Professional Development is led by a dedicated corporate training coordinator who works with top experts across many disciplines to shape curriculum.

Training topics range from general practice-area overviews to reviews of specific technologies, and also to topics such as project management and presentation skills.

Training sessions range from formal presentations to informal lunch and learns in offices throughout the country.

Seminars explore innovative, award-winning projects such as the University of Connecticut water reuse program.

Training courses are led by some of the world's most prominent water and wastewater experts, such as William Becker, Ph.D., P.E., adjunct professor at Columbia University and Hazen and Sawyer's Director of Water Process Technology and Research.

Hazen and Sawyer engineers at all levels regularly present their work at major industry conferences, such as ACE and WEFTEC.

Employee Training and Continuous Learning

Hazen and Sawyer has always been firmly dedicated to the advancement of our field, and to the continuous learning of staff. That’s why we’ve developed our Pathway Program for Professional Development.

The Pathway Program is an in-house technical training program through which our professional staff can explore the latest developments in topics related to their work and help meet continuing education requirements for licensure in their respective states. The Pathway Program also extends beyond the technical, including trainings on topics such as project management, technical writing, marketing, presentation skills, and leadership.

Several sessions take place each month at various offices and are simulcast to all our offices nationwide. Each training session is then cataloged and available to employees 24/7 on our Intranet. Managing the Pathway Program is a dedicated corporate training coordinator, who works with top experts in many water and wastewater disciplines, and with regional training coordinators, to deliver exciting opportunities for learning.

In addition to formal trainings, there are several informal groups who meet regularly to share information in the form of presentations and article discussions. These sessions are often coordinated by younger engineers but facilitated by more experienced staff.

Professional Association Participation

The firm further fosters professional development by providing opportunities for staff at all levels to participate and present their work at large, national industry conferences, such as ACE and WEFTEC, as well as local and regional conferences.

Additionally, many of our staff members hold leadership roles in relevant professional associations, including the American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation, American Academy of Environmental Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, and many others pertinent to our industry. Participation in these professional organizations fosters professional and personal growth, and is strongly encouraged.