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Developing a Dynamic Wastewater Master Plan Using Dashboard Technology

James Hennessy, Bill Orne - Hazen and Sawyer; Phillip Sexton - North Charleston Sewer District

Last Modified Sep 22, 2022

The primary objective of this project is to update the North Charleston Sewer District (NCSD) Wastewater Facilities 201 Master Plan, last updated in 2007, utilizing dashboard technology to develop and prioritize capital improvements in the collection system. There is a desire for this update to be easily:

  • Transferable to NCSD,
  • Adaptive for changing future conditions,
  • Expandable with additional data and analytical sources to improve data transparency and informed decision making.

The approach for this master plan involves leveraging a dashboard-based presentation to allow for flexible and dynamic tools for decision-making to help plan for future growth. A non-proprietary and commonly available platform, Power BI, and ESRI tools were used for project implementation. This minimizes cost and ensures that investments in data and dashboard platforms continue to serve the NCSD well into the future.

A multi-step process was used to develop the master plan and includes:

  • Define the Service Area
  • Analyze Flow Data
  • Assess Future Growth
  • Assess Asset Capacity
  • Define Future Study/Assessment Needs
  • Dynamic Dashboard Delivery

The analyses and master planning efforts are presented in a combination of written narratives summarizing the methods and findings and an interactive dashboard platform allowing easy access to data and results. The dashboard approach provides an updateable and referenceable tool to quickly access and leverage data to help NCSD adapt a plan to meet existing and future planning needs for their wastewater system.