Assistant Engineer - SC

Location: Columbia, SC Office

Candidate will participate on design teams for water, wastewater, and/or stormwater projects. The desired experience level is 0-3 years. Minimum education requirements are a BS degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering with an EIT preferred. GIS, CAD, database, advanced Microsoft Excel skills are a plus. Project work may include initial studies, design and inspection of conveyance systems, inspection of stormwater infrastructure, design of wastewater treatment facility upgrades, design of water treatment facility upgrades, asset management, and/or design of green infrastructure. Field work and site visits from study or design through construction may be required. Strong verbal and written communication skills are required.

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Maggie, Assistant Engineer

“Something I really enjoy about working at Hazen and Sawyer is the ability to be involved with the client from the very beginning. It has been a wonderful learning experience.”

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