Assistant Engineer - FL


Candidate will participate on design teams for water and/or wastewater infrastructure projects. The required experience level is 0 – 3 years with an EI certification. Minimum education requirements are a MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering. Position will include working on design of water and/or wastewater treatment and conveyance facilities. Responsibilities include working on a design team from initial studies and conceptual design through construction of treatment facilities. Field work and site visits from design through construction may be required. Candidates must possess excellent writing and communication skills and have a strong background in fluid mechanics-both open channel and pressurized piping networks.

The position can be located in either our Hollywood (FL), Boca, Coral Gables, or Tampa office.

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Irene, Assistant Engineer

“In the short time I’ve worked at Hazen and Sawyer, I’ve learned so much - every day brings new challenges.”

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